History of the Long Island Section
Third Installment

For many years Long Island Section supported Engineers Week by
participation in both organization and planning.
Through the years there was a great diversity of activities and meeting topics. Of course the economic climate change resulted in a gradual loss of membership (at one time there were over 200 members), but the section continued to be active under able leadership and participation of many talented individuals.
The Long Island Section Presidents 

Warren Kenny 1959-60
Jack Stotz 1960-61
Fred Korb 1961-62
Bob Edgerly 1962-63
Gene Goltz 1963-64
Milt Lindgren 1964-65
Frank Sciacchitano 1965-
66 AndySchnieder 1966-67
Chuck Belensky 1967-68
Joe Rothenberg 1968-69
Tony Raia 1969-70
John Herba 1970-71
Ken Budd 1971-72
Harold McCasland 1972-73
Ed Conroy 1973-74
Richard Romaneck 1974-75
Michael Dantona 1975-77
Joseph Paganus 1977-78
Henry Dierschke 1978-79
Angelo Tulumello 1979-




Don Wilen 1980-81
Tony Cacioppo 1981-82
Ernie Gallo 1982-83
Vinnie McCormack 1983-85
Howard Last 1985-86
David Kotliar 1986-87
Chuck Leonard 1987-88
William Leacock 1988-90
Peter Espina 1990-91
David Kotliar 1991-92
Howard Last 1992-94
Nick Yaron 1994-96
Toby Heller 1996-9
Jerry West, 1998-2000
Nick Yaron 1998-01
Jim Filapazzi 2000-01
John Trofatter 2001-02
Paul Lanzilloto 2002-03
AnthonyCacioppo 2003-2004

David Kotliar 2006-08

Nick Yaron 2008 -2009

The goal of the ISA is to educate and foster the advancement of the theory, design, manufacture and use of instruments, computers and systems for measurement and control.
We of the Long Island Section have met this need of our membership for the past forty years